Focus on Effect

Focus on the impact you create, not on deliveries!
Focus on how it begins, not how it ends!
Focus on how fast you can finish something, not how much you can do at once!
Sit together, do not optimize distributed collaboration!

Upcoming Activities



Half Double Ignite 17 – 19 Oktober

Ignite is Half Double's introductory course. Through Ignite, you gain knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Half Double, and you get the opportunity to certify yourself to Foundation. 

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Emisjonen er gjennomført

House of Agile skalerer og har i den forbindelse hentet inn kapital via Folkeinvest. Nå står neste steg for døren. Vi trenger deg!

Har du lyst til å være med på reisen vår så send noen ord om deg selv så tar vi kontakt.



Half Double in English

House of Agile offers courses in English. We offer both a one day introduction course and the Ignite certification course (Foundation).

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