House of Agile

House of Agile wants to close the gap between new agile forms of work and traditional controlled practices.

Agile and "The Agile Manifesto" are becoming increasingly popular. But has not yet managed to open the agile world to top management. There is still a problem that C-level wants answered what they get, when, and how much it will cost

At House of Agile, we focus on how to create security for delivery control, time control and cost control, even with a form of work that accepts changes continuously.

In House of Agile, we train and coach C-Level, Project Owners and Project Managers in how to set up the projects, manage the projects and understand the projects, precisely to gain control.

In house of Agile, we help set up the projects so they are visual, co-located and empowered.

In House of Agile, we help manage the projects so that the focus is on impact and results.

At House of Agile, we help understand projects to analyze projects' ability to deliver and create success.

Business Areas

House of Agile focuses on the interplay between project and line in an agile world. Some tasks are solved with Scrum, LeSS, SAFe, and others are best solved with dedicated one-off projects.

House of Agile provides advice on which types of tools are suitable for which types of tasks, and how these should be structured. House of Agile is also a course center where we hold courses in the project method. Half Double and in portfolio management.

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