House of Agile specializes in supporting creative processes. We help you find the right agile tools. We help with both the preparation and the one-off work, in addition to the actual implementation. After the workshop, you have priority measures sorted by cost and importance, or the dimensions that are most important in your workshop.

Project setup

Agile projects are not magic, but setting off with a good start makes it easier. Agile projects demands more from the physical location than distributed projects. House of Agile can help setting up and starting the project, both the physical space, the visual planing and how to document activities and progress

Portfolio management

Projects are not only managed individually. They share resources, are prioritized and exist in a symbiosis. How to ensure that the right projects are prioritized, and how to move priority and resources between projects as they deliver. Half Double provides an answer to this. Management participation, a maximum of 3 projects and joint prioritization of resources among project owners.

House of Agile can help you set up Project Portfolio Management, and provide advice in the introductory phase.

Agile Project Manager

House of Agile also offers project managers. We are best at projects with high uncertainty. We have experience from multimillion projects and down to a few hours.

Agile Coach

House of Agile supports Project Owners and Project Managers with the introduction and implementation of agile working methods. Tips, advice, and practical experience come in handy with major changes.

C-Level support

Agile transformation projects are unknown ground to most people. House of Agile offers support in major change projects, based on experience from the introduction of agile working methods in large Norwegian companies.

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