Half Double – English offering

Although Half Double is of Danish origin and are primarily spreading throughout the Nordics, House of Agile receive requests for English courses.

Yes, we have courses in English even though you cannot find them in the course list. We offer courses in English based on request.

As a minimum we need 8 participants.

We offer a one day introduction to Half Double and a three day Ignite certification course.

All course material and certification exam are in English, and the trainer is fluent in English.

The standard delivery method is digital using Teams for video, voice and presentation, and Miro for exercises.

We also offer on-site courses for larger groups.

Request or enquire by using the form below.

Introduction course

  • History, background and motivation for developing Half Double
  • Impact, theory and examples – how to start your journey
  • Flow, key figures, pitfalls and absolutes
  • Leadership, what is expected from the project owner, and how should the project leader work with the team

Ignite Foundation (Certification)

Ignite is Half Double Institute’s entry level course and will give certification at Foundation level, subject to passing a multiple choice exam. The course run over three days, and cover all main aspects of Half Double. The course is a mix between theory and practical exercises.

After the course you will be able to start your own Half Double journey. You will have techniques, templates and knowledge to set up a project based on Half Double.

Please include, who, when, where and size

The trainer

Arnstein Schei is a long term consultant and has held several management positions in international corporations. Arnstein holds a masters degree in Informatics as a Cand Scient from the University of Oslo. Arnstein became the first Certified Half Double trainer in Norway, and uses the method every day as a project manager.

«The Half Double philosophy turns the perception of a project around as you deliver almost too fast and too soon!»

Arnstein Schei

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